Possible Causes of Air Conditioner Loss

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During normal operation modern air conditioners practically don’t make noise – it buzzes calmly and evenly. Therefore any foreign noise – and even more gurgling (which is not typical for split systems) – is easy to see. Especially if repeated. If you find something wrong with your air conditioner you can contact the Kenosha heating and cooling Kenosha Wi to fix it.

This sounds like “normal” gurgling water in a bowl (pan for example) if you pour water from a cup or direct the jet from the tap. More often “gurgle” (squish) conditioner with intermittent breaks and different loudness. That is the sound is not monotonous and not constant: it can often occur rarely swallowing once then several times in a row after 1 hour then 1 time already the next day.

Almost always extinguishes sound when the device is running (in different modes: both for cooling and heating). But it can “bubbling” and the system splits in an inactive state (and even if it’s not turned on for a long time).

With this hose position the wind can blow into it (especially if the floor is high and the side of the house is open to the wind) Because the outdoor unit is located on the street – even the loud noise from it won’t always be heard. Therefore in almost all cases the sound comes from the inner case.

Possible causes can:

  1. Air blows into the drainpipe and water (condensate) though it has not yet fused until the end. Sounds like a lump of water in a glass if you put the phone down and blow it up. The most common problem occurs with an air conditioner that has just been turned off.
  2. Strong bending of drainage pipes between blocks (internal and external). In curved parts water may still exist. Air blowing into the drain will cause gurgling.
  3. The air enters the freon line. Most often this problem arises from strong winds.
  4. If the drainage hose is discharged into the sewer system dismissal can be transmitted from there (from sewage pipes or hydraulic seals). Sound in this case can be heard both when the air conditioner is operating and when it is turned off.
  5. If insects (bees flies or others) have settled in their shells – their buzz can be confused with the sound of water. You can hear it regardless of operating mode and weather. Buzz is easy to distinguish if you listen to the sound next to the air conditioner.

The most frequent cause of gurgling is the incorrect installation of drainage tubes.

If the air conditioner is used for heating – gurgling can also be heard. Possible reasons:

  1. The outdoor unit is thawed. AC operation periodically activates thawing mode – to melt ice in outdoor units. In this mode you can hear rumors crackling and gurgling. This is not dangerous no problem.
  2. Freon condenses in outdoor units with the air conditioner turned off. This is possible in winter with severe freezing weather. This is not damage.
  3. Damage (kink) of a copper tube. Because of this liquid Freon can return to the outside unit (instead of going there in a gas state).

Is that dangerous?

Hubble is rarely a “symptom” of serious problems. The most unpleasant case is the damage to the copper tube (because of what the device can echo when working on heating). But this problem is not expensive and is quickly corrected (though it must be done by a specialist).