How To Store Wine: Temperature Humidity and Light

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Many wine enthusiasts know the importance of storing their wine under the proper conditions to maintain the best quality of their vintages. Furthermore many wine novices and experts purchase a wine storage fridge cabinet to keep their vintage in the best conditions. In addition there are other contributors to quality wine besides choosing a wine cooler. For example keeping your glass in the proper temperature and humidity range and away from direct sunlight is essential.


Wine coolers or refrigerators are the best storage for wine as they keep your glass at the correct temperature. Moreover it’s important to store your wine at a constant temperature to preserve the best quality of your wine. Furthermore temperature fluctuations will disturb the chemical reactions in the wine and cause your vintages to age unfavourably and prematurely. Moreover the temperature change will alter the wine’s flavours and aromas. In addition temperature fluctuations will cause the aromas in the bottle to be pushed out of the cork and replaced with oxygen. Consequently if the wine mixes with oxygen it may gain a vinegary taste. In addition to storage it’s also important to serve your wine at the correct temperature. Although many wine enthusiasts prefer their red wine at room temperature a too-warm red wine will taste bland and lifeless. On the other hand a red wine that is too cold may taste acidic. Therefore it’s important to store and serve your wine within the perfect temperature range to ensure the best quality of your vintages. Finally temperature also comes down to preference so many wine enthusiasts decide if they want to be on the colder or warmer side of the ideal temperature range for a specific bottle of wine.


Humidity is a factor that is often overlooked when it comes to wine storage; however it’s important to store your wine in the correct humidity to prevent the cork from drying out. The humidity in the storage place keeps the cork secure in the bottleneck. If the cork is too dry oxygen can permeate the cork and react with the wine. As mentioned above the oxygen will ruin the bottle of wine. On the other hand too much humidity is also an issue. Too much humidity will create excessive moisture that will damage the bottles cork and labels. Overall wines do not need a lot of humidity and most wine coolers will regulate the humidity in the compartment for you.


Many wine coolers have tinted glass to protect your vintages from direct sunlight and this isn’t just to look pretty. Direct sunlight can disturb the chemical reactions in the wine and cause unpleasant flavours and aromas within a few hours. So generally speaking you should store wine in a dark area or a space where direct sunlight won’t shine on your wine collection.

Final Notes

In short keeping your vintages in their favourable conditions will greatly improve your wine experience. Furthermore every wine enthusiast will agree that preserving their wines’ flavours aromas and overall quality is important. So remember to take temperature humidity and light into consideration when you store your quality wines.