Essential wood fence maintenance measures that you should take before the winter starts?

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A wooden fence is an attractive option for making your front yard secure and beautiful. There are many materials from which you can pick an ideal fence for your home but the wooden fence is the oldest and one of the most trusted options as there are many benefits that they offer. However with the freezing winter drawing in it becomes necessary to take care of your wood fence because it is bound to get wrong in extreme cold. A little bit of preventive maintenance today can add years to the life of your wooden fence. You can always call the Fencing Fort Collins to maintain your fence before the icy winter starts.

A few things are necessary for keeping your wood fence in good shape; however if you do not find sufficient time for it you can always hire the services of a professional fencing company.

Here is the list of things that you should try to get done within the fall so that before the winter starts your fence is ready to fight with it.

  1. Keep the fence clean.

The fall is meant to bring plenty of fallen leaves and they are bound to get around the fence. They can make debris appear on the edges of the fence and it can turn into a dirty mess till winter which can cause rotting of the fence. So with the start of the fall you should try to keep the fence clean and remove all the leaves now and then before winter sets in.

  1. Re-stain your fence

The stains on your wooden fence are bound to get faded over time and the fall is the best time to re-stain the faded fence. Check for the places where there is fading and cover it again with the stain so that it does not kill your lawn’s look.

  1. Check the fence for problems.

The approaching winter means there would be a lot of snowfall that your wooden fence will have to bear and if there are any loose posts they will get damaged under the weight of the snow. Therefore the best practice is to check the posts thoroughly for any underlying problems and get them sorted well in time. There can be splitting the holes’ appearance and other such issues that can make your fence get damaged. So call your nearest fencing company and get it repaired before winter sets in.

  1. Get the fence contractors to check your fence.

The best practice is to hire professional fence contractors and ask them to schedule regular inspections of your wooden fence and check it from time to time for any errors. If there are any underlying issues they can find them fix them and get the fence working well for you for years to come.