4 Common Kitchen Remodeling Disasters to Avoid

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Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular and expensive home renovation projects out there but when done right it’s well worth the hassle and cost. However as it is with any remodeling project out there “done right” is the keyword here. On that note here are four common kitchen renovation disasters that often ruin a perfect project and some tips on how to avoid them.

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Scratched and Dented Surfaces

Some of the scariest contractor disaster stories involve scratched kitchen floors and other surfaces. The thing is that everybody knows you need to cover your floors appliances and other surfaces before the work begins but what they don’t know is that the stuff you use to cover it with may not be sufficient to provide any real protection. You need heavy-duty surface protection and slip-resistant dropcloths with heavy duty tape to seal them off if you really want to protect your kitchen against spills debris stains and scratches. If there are tools and paint involved accidental hard drops and spills are inevitable and unless you are using professional protective gear that hardwood floor won’t ever be the same again!

Not Setting a Budget

This is something that both the contractor and the home owner needs to work out first because this little oversight can turn out to be a disaster for both parties. Consider a scenario where the contractor has already spent a lot of money on the kitchen renovation only to find out that he has exceeded the budget that the homeowner had. On the other end of the spectrum if the owner realizes in the middle of a project that he/she has exceeded her budget significantly in the thrill of having the perfect kitchen the contractor will likely have to leave without finishing the kitchen and that’s a true disaster!

Forgetting About the Kitchen Appliances

This one is actually a very common and yet often overlooked mistake which leaves homeowners scratching their heads to find a solution. If you do not plan your remodeling while keeping your kitchen appliances in mind where will you be putting them? That dishwasher and the freezer that needs to go into the kitchen may not be welcome there anymore! Plan your remodeling with the kitchen appliances in mind from day one.

Unplanned Storage Disaster

The kitchen needs to provide ample storage but without looking like a crammed little space. If that is not part of the remodeling project in the future you will find it to be a huge waste of opportunity. Work with the contractor (or the homeowner depending on which side you are on) to figure out a kitchen storage plan that doesn’t visually overwhelm the kitchen with drawers shelves and cabinets but still provides ample room for you to store everything comfortably.

Aside from these there is always the question of personnel safety as well which takes precedence over everything else. Make sure that everyone working at the site are wearing all the protection gear that they need to because most construction/renovation site accidents happen due to negligence.