3 Top Tips On How To Seize Your Kitchen Space

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Any home cook will tell you that behind every successful meal is a well organized and tidy kitchen.

An organized kitchen will allow you to access your utensils and ingredients faster without having to go through other things.

However the actual process of imposing order around your kitchen and organizing everything is a little bit difficult.

Here we are going to look at some useful tips from organizational gurus and expert home cooks on how to declutter your kitchen and tidy it up.

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With this in mind let us dive deep into a few tips on how to get organized.

Let go of your crockery.

This is easier for people who do not get too attached to their items but if you are one of those people who do get attached then it is time to let go.

If you own any plates or bowls that are chipped on their sides or cutlery that are unintentionally mismatched; either they have lost their partners or can not function without certain parts it’s time to get rid of them.

This also applies to old mugs or bowls that are gathering dust in your cabinets since they never get used.

Avoid having too much crockery for example if you have a family of four it is needless to own 10 plus dinner plates.

The only instance that you will need 10 plus dinner plates is if you regularly get visitors.

Here’s a hack that you didn’t know you can put your plates rotated rather than putting them on top of each other to save space.

If you find that your way of putting plates on top of each other works best for you then go ahead.

However you should consider putting your freshly washed plates at the bottom so that all your plates can be evenly used.

Avoid purchasing fancy gadgets that you’ll never use.

How many times have you come across an impressive gadget in the supermarket or the mall and gone “Uhh! I want that.”?

Try to resist the temptation of buying new items you come across just because they look good seem cool or have been advertised on TV so many times.

It does not mean you need to have them. If you do not need it you will be simply overstocking items in your kitchen.

Before purchasing a new appliance consider if you will get good use out of it. If you won’t really need it just don’t buy it.

If by any chance you are guilty of performing the above then try decluttering your kitchen first and see if you have two or more of what you were thinking of buying.

For example you might have three peelers or two whisks and your still thinking of getting another one since the one that is on sale looks good.

You didn’t need them because they are only going to taking up your kitchen space.

A good solution if your appliances are in good condition you can give them out to friends family or even neighbours.

You can also box up the items in your kitchen that you don’t need as you are decluttering and send them off for charity.

Store similar items together.

Have a cupboard or a basket where you keep all things that are the same together.

For instance you can place all your baking ingredients in one cupboard; your baking soda baking powder and flour all in one place.

If you ever need to make a particular dish that requires those ingredients like some cake you don’t have to haphazardly such for your ingredients all over the kitchen.

This will allow you to avoid turning your kitchen into a mess while looking for a single ingredient.

Also keep all oils vinegar salt and pepper in a basket since they are the frequently used items during cooking.

Keep them close so that once you want to cook you don’t have to go walking around your kitchen looking for them.


There you go some important tips on how to get your kitchen organised.

Step up your kitchen space and be able to access all your utensils and ingredients easily.

It’s quite clear the benefits of getting your kitchen de-cluttered so don’t miss out make sure you try out some of these tips and see how well they work for you.