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4 Common Kitchen Remodeling Disasters to Avoid

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Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular and expensive home renovation projects out there, but when done right, it’s well worth the hassle and cost. However, as it is with any remodeling project out there, “done right” is the keyword here. On that note, here are four common kitchen renovation disasters that often ruin a perfect project and some tips on how to avoid them.

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Scratched and Dented Surfaces

Some of the scariest contractor disaster stories involve scratched kitchen floors and other surfaces. The thing is that everybody knows you need to cover your floors, appliances and other surfaces before the work begins, but what they don’t know is that the stuff you use to cover it with may not be sufficient to provide any real protection. You need heavy-duty surface protection and slip-resistant dropcloths, with heavy duty tape to seal them off if you really want to protect your kitchen against spills, debris, stains and scratches. If there are tools and paint involved, accidental hard drops and spills are inevitable and unless you are using professional protective gear, that hardwood floor won’t ever be the same again!

Not Setting a Budget

This is something that …

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How to Prepare for a Contractor

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Hiring a contract to handle home improvement projects is something which millions of people throughout the country do every year, and although most jobs go ahead without any problems, there are instances when property can be damaged, and accidents can occur in the home, usually involving the contractor.

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Even though you can’t do much to avoid a contractor injuring himself, there are ways you can protect key parts of your home such as flooring and furniture, and things you can do to minimize the risk of a contractor causing a problem within your home.

Whilst a good contractor will always cover all bases and take care to avoid damaging your property, you can never be too careful; after all, you are inviting a stranger into your home.

#1: Carry Out a Careful Hiring Process

Hiring a contractor is the most difficult part of the entire home improvement process. There are millions of people throughout the U.S. offering their professional services, and sorting the good from the bad isn’t easy, especially given the fact that all home improvement projects are unique.

Performing a bit of background research should always be part of the hiring process when you …

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How To Create A Healthier Work Environment

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If you are running an office, you want the place to improve and progress every time. Whether if it’s just to guarantee results and increase the company’s income or just because of the fact that you want your employees to feel better while they’re working, these are some tips you might find helpful.

The Office Setup

Your office must be a place in which your employees are happy to come every morning, even when it’s raining or snowing outside and they have to get a train to get there. Now, the first step in order to create a better working space is to keep the office clean, with a nice ventilation system and (possibly) an updated equipment. Once that part is covered you can start to think about your employees.

What’s Important When It Comes To Interpersonal Relations

First of all, the most important part you have to clarify with your employees is that there must be a wall between you and them. You are not there to have fun and they are not supposed to come in every day with the idea of being in a theme park. It’s important, of course, to create sociable events and breaks …

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6 Unmissable Interior Design Trends for Summer 2018

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Summer is the perfect time to introduce a new look into your home. Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul or just want to add in a few stylish touches to bring your home in line with the latest trends, then there is no better time to do it than now.

Concealed Technology
2018 sees a shift towards living rooms that are technology free. TVs are becoming hidden and the living room is being reclaimed as a room for socialising in rather than zoning out. Concealed technology is much more than just simply hiding the TV. It means investing in bespoke charging furniture or even creating charging stations to keep your cables out of sight. By keeping cables out of view, you can create a minimalist look which can then be used as a blank canvas for further trends.

Spa Bathrooms
Transforming your bathroom into an extra living space rather than just a functional room is a great way to instantly refresh the room. By introducing furniture and hiding the clutter, you can create this look relatively cheaply. Add in a small table and chair alongside some white fluffy towels, put your bath salts into a crystal decanter and introduce some …

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