Types of House Roofs and Their Prices from Minimalism to Resistant to Natural Disasters

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Choosing a roof for a home or office building is one thing that is exposed as an expression of the beauty of the building. But in addition to the value of beauty you also have to choose a roof that can minimize the danger of a natural disaster. Whether it’s an earthquake or a tornado. If you are looking for the best roofing contractor you can contact full draw construction.

The type of roof of the house is currently diverse. You can choose the type of roof of the house as needed. In addition several types of roofs can make your home more beautiful.

Types of roofs

  1. Roof from clay tile

Types of roofs in the form of clay tile is probably the most widely used. Apart from the low price of this type of roof you can also get clay tiles.

You can also see the many houses that use clay tile for roofs ranging from rural to urban areas. This type of clay roof tile also has various models and shapes.

Until now tile is still a choice for roofs. This is because the material used is from clay so even tile is a kind of strong roof. In addition tile installation is also quite easy to do and is also safe against insect attacks.

But even though it has advantages roofs from tiles have their shortcomings too. Although it’s easy to install using the tile as a roof requires a lot of wood for the frame. In addition the roof of the clay tile is also easy to moldy and mossy if you do not use coatings. At the time of installation also requires accuracy so it is not easy to sag and also leak.

Even so the price of clay tile is quite affordable. However this price can of course differ depending on the tile brand you are using and also the building shop.

  1. The roof of concrete tile

In addition there are types of clay roofs there are also concrete roofs. This concrete roof is commonly used in homes that have a minimalist design. This roofing material uses concrete that is molded to resemble clay tile.

In addition to the quality of the concrete roof. tile is unquestionable. Because the tile from concrete is resistant to weather insect attacks. and fire. In addition this concrete roof is more aesthetic and also sturdy.

However this type of concrete roof tile is certainly heavier. This causes the installation process to be quite long compared to clay tile. In addition the price of a concrete roof tile is more expensive than clay tile and the price is quite varied depending on the brand.

  1. Asbestos roof

This type of asbestos roof does not absorb heat. In addition the installation of asbestos roofs is also quite easy. This is because the material used is quite lightweight. The shape of this asbestos roof is the same as zinc. Although this asbestos roof is easy to install and also has lightweight materials it can be a health risk.

This is because asbestos itself contains carbon which can be easily peeled off so that it can make you experience respiratory problems. In addition this asbestos roof is also very fragile so caution is required when installing.

  1. Canopy roof

This roof you usually encounter for the porch area or the carport. Installation of the canopy roof itself is usually direct with existing welding suits. Using this canopy roof can certainly make your house look sweeter.

In addition you can also choose a variety of colors for your canopy roof. Using a canopy roof can also be beneficial because it has fairly high endurance. But if you use the canopy roof when it rains of course it will be noisy.

The price of this canopy roof also varies depending on the quality presented.

  1. Glass tile roof

Just as the name suggests this roof is made of glass so it can also be used as ventilation. In addition if you use a glass roof it can help to reduce humidity on the wall.

So that the walls of your house are not easy to moldy. Of course you can’t use this glass tile roof throughout the house. Because it could be that the air temperature in your house will become hot because too much sunlight is entering.

In addition the glass tile is very easy to break so even when installation requires caution. Not only that but the models of glass tile are few and quite limited so you cannot choose various types of models for your roof.

For the price of glass tile is indeed more expensive than tile from clay or concrete. However this glass tile can still be reached to beautify your home.